Xenos Races

Fear the Alien. Hate the Alien. Kill the Alien. – The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer


The first known encounter between human and Xenos has been lost to time, but since before the coming of the Emperor mankind has had to fight for its place on the stars. The unconditional and unceasing hatred of the alien has continued unabated for the entire existence of the Imperium of Mankind. Humanity has been responsible for the downfall of countless alien races, and consigned their culture and technology to the void. Humanity has yet to formally settle the Koronus Expanse, so their presence is more common and even tolerated by the less pious members of humanity – although that is not to say the xenophobia cannot be found whatsoever.

Known Spacefaring Races

  • Dark Eldar – These sadistic and soulless creatures are superficially similar to the Eldar races, but seem boundless in their depravity.
  • Eldar – This enigmatic and mysterious race once ruled the Galaxy, and is now on the cusp of dying out.
  • Kroot – A race of mercenaries that still bear the mark of their avian heritage, they are commonly seen as freelance mercenaries for certain Rogue Traders.
  • Morgauth – A hunchbacked, reptilian race of spacefarers that prowl the edge of the Warp Storms that divide the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse.
  • Orks – Possibly the most widespread of all the Xenos races encountered by Mankind, they live only for violence and destruction.
  • Rak’Gol – A newly discovered race within the Expanse, they are unrelentingly savage and have always fought to the death of themselves or others.
  • Stryxis – This wandering race of xenos traders peddle their wares in nomadic fleets of ships throughout the Koronus Expanse.
  • Yu’Vath – Little is known about this race, other than they are believed to be extinct. Knowledge of them appears to have been deliberately suppressed by the Imperium.

Minor Races

  • Egarian – A Xenos race once thought to be powerful, but was long extinct before the discovery of the Maw.
  • HX-001 – A blind race of bat-like Xenos that were being exploited in the production of the recreational drug Idyll.
  • Jokaero – A mute race of techno-paths that intuitively understand and modify technology, almost always to benefit, but usually an obscured one.

Xenos Races

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