Administratum Classifications

Classification: Agri-World
Region: Calixis Sector
Founding: 480.M37
Current Proprietor: Merchant Houses of Weyburn
Environment: Amber Waves of some sort of carbohydrate
Recommendations: Come hungry, leave poor


A super-massive world that has been given over entirely to the production of the basic staples of foodstuffs that aren’t made from recycled humans, Weyburn has become a dominant force in the Calixis Sector, providing food to many of the neighbouring worlds, as well as Battlefleet operations such as Port Wander. As its facilities have recently reached maximum growth potential, it now looks to expand its influence into the neighbouring Koronus Expanse, as the “cursed” nature of the Agri-Worlds in that sector means there are always mouths clamoring for the food that is too much of a hassle to sell to their markets – at a substantial markup no less.

Notable Personnel


Rogue Trader - The Hos Dynasty Erathia Erathia