The Hermitage

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Space Station
Region: Stations of Passage
Founding: 364.M41
Current Proprietor: Ministorium
Environment: Penitent
Recommendations: Bow to the Light of the Throne


Trame Lathimon was hired to transport a Void Station filled with Ministorium into the Expanse and, some say, out into the Halo Stars. This purpose was not fulfilled however, and the void station was cast adrift into the Stations of Passage, where it found purchase in an even older station located within. Some say that this despicable act led to his destruction in The Battleground.

Current Situation

Once a shining light in the darkness, as late it has fallen into disrepair and is now home to hermits and obscure sects preaching deliverance or, more frequently, destruction. Many holy pilgrimages and expeditions to heathen planets begin here, and the opulent imagery and lavish decorations appeal to the more discerning Rogue Trader, leading to this station serving as a more formalized negotiation point than Port Wander.

In the upper levels of the station stands a clear glass dome through which no stars can be seen, just the vast, swirling Malestrom of the great warp storms inside of the Passage.

Known Ministorum Cults

  • Cult of the Divine Flame – Led by Animus Todd, they preach that there can be no salvation for the heretical and that the only way to lead is through fear and intimidation. Somewhat extreme, even by Imperial Cult standards. Believe in prosecuting the guilty more than bringing new worlds into the Imperial Fold.
  • Ministers of the Pure Benediction – Led by Carmine Carotento, they believe that the heretic must be purged, but only by cleansing all of the impure thoughts and demons that they have accumulated. To surrender any soul to the depths of Chaos is unacceptable, and physical force is only to be used as a last resort.

Campaign History

The Explorers received a mission to rescue the Holy Promethium from Confessor Animus Todd here, and rejected maintaining a presence of Cleric Carmine Carotento’s pilgrims on board.

The Hermitage

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