Stations of Passage


Although not technically one of the Koronus Expanse Regions, these five worlds are critical to the entrance of the Koronus Expanse. The only areas easily accessible from Port Wander, many traders that attempt to enter the Expanse are lost in this system, and there are rumours of dozens of lost vessels, its crews driven mad by the cold of the void, or the creatures in the Warp.

Although there are four well-charted areas in the Stations of Passage, there are other, less well-known Stations in there that are viewed as “less stable” options into the Koronus Expanse, and are utilized by those who do wish less scrutiny into their journeys into Footfall.

Roughly two months following the conclusion of the Hossian-Winterscalar War, it has been forced closed and access to the Calixis Sector has been denied.


Port WanderEntry Point
The Battleground
The Hermitage
The Temple
Witch-Cursed World
FootfallExit Point

Stations of Passage

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