Everything organic we know of is simply machinery, in one form or another. Tendons replace pistons; flesh in the place of steel; blood is simply biological coolant. To deny this and shun it is more than just Mechanicus orthodoxy – it is idiocy. – Unknown Magis Biologis Genetor


Although from orbit Svard Prime appears to be frozen and lifeless, beneath the frozen surface are great seas of trapped water, vast fields of plant life and fungi capable of surviving the sub-zero temperatures grow and provide more than ample food for their population when the planet was at its peak, to say nothing of now. Unfortunately the native flora do not have much variety nor taste. When Svard was rediscovered by the Imperium its populace began to clamor for a change in diet, and the initial private trading compacts after Cog had been established were for foodstuffs in exchange for the materials mined from the Hollow Worlds and Svard Promethium Refineries.

It was inevitable that a local sources of exotic foods would be desired, and the Magos Biologis sensing an opportunity terraformed one of the many uninhabitable worlds to satisfy this demand. The surface of Kybu is still barren and the atmosphere is so thin that life cannot survive there for long, but in an emulation of Svard Prime if you delve deep enough you will discover a lush jungle world that has been elaborately constructed on the inside.

Divided into six zones; Desert, Ice Jungle, Ocean, Temperate and Volcanic, Kybu is a thriving ecosystem of flora and fauna diversity overseen by Magos-Biologis Isabella Stein. In exchange for the relative privacy of her experiments, a portion of each zone in the world is given over to the care of Content Not Found: gideon-briehl, a Svard functionary who oversees the export and raising of specialty crops.

The output of Kybu is more than sufficient for the Svard system, but unless the Biologis turns over the holdings of the rest of the world then it will not be able to establish long-term trade routes with other areas in the Koronus Expanse.

During the crisis of Svard, contact with the Moon was lost. Unfortunately there was no time for the Hos Dynasty to investigate, and when the crisis was passed it was discovered that Magos Stein initiated a full biological purge of the facility, killing all organic material apart from herself. Her reasons for this are unknown.

Notable Personnel

The Salvation of Svard

The moon has been reclaimed and is being repaired, but the people of Svard are now somewhat suspicious of what happened here.

Orbital View



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