Known Merchants


The Explorers have discovered a number of specialised merchants in their travels. When making acquisitions using these merchants they gain special bonuses to certain types of acquisition rolls, but also penalties to others.

Saul’s Shipping Services

Proprietor: Jonquin Saul
Location: Footfall
Summary: A dealer in run-of-the-mill, every day goods that may not be exceptionally rare, but are essential to day-to-day survival. You can attempt an Acquisition roll for anything of base rarity of Rare or less. When making your acquisition test here, items are treated as one step more common (e.g. Rare to Scarce) and the time it takes to receive your goods is halved.

Hopko’s Firearms

Proprietor: Kadin Hopko
Location: Footfall
Summary: A dealer in personal firearms, you may attempt any acquisition for weapons at this location at a base rarity of Very Rare or better. Double any bonus or penalty for the Scale modifiers of any acquisition made here. (e.g. Negligible is +60 not +30, and Major is -20 not -10).

Port Wander Shipyards

Proprietor: Adeptus Mechanicus (Current Forge Master: Magos Toronos)
Location: Port Wander
Summary: The Imperial Navy looks kindly on the Hos Dynasty. All acquisition tests to gain ship components are made at a +10 bonus, and you may use the facilities for removal/installation of Ship Components, as well as for extended repairs. In addition, due to the Explorers’ standing with the Mechanicum, the time for installation of ship components is reduced by one week, to a minimnum of one week.

Imperial Requisitions

Proprietor: Imperial Navy (Current Commander: Larius Sans)
Location: Port Wander
Summary: The Explorers have been a powerful force in the Koronus Expanse. Any item with a base rarity of Scarce or better, and a total acquisition modifier of +0 or better automatically succeeds here. This may be used one time by each Explorer, and then going forward once per session.

Known Merchants

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