Jequin Hos' Gamble

The Succession Crisis

When Xanatov Hos passed away, the inhereitor of the Writ of Authority was a hotly contested issue between three claimants: Siegmund Hos, Carnelia Hos, and Petria Hos. Although Siegmund had the strongest claim, both of the others had positinoed themselves as strong claimants to the line. Siegmund represented the history of the Dynasty, Carnelia represented its Battlefleet ties and Petria controlled the mercantile interests. The debate was hotly contested, and it was at this moment that Jequin Hos seized his chanc

Jequin made the daring gamble that he could personally increase both his holdings and his prestige by reclaiming the region in which his ancestor had failed to claim. By returning to the Koronus Expanse he claimed he would “cleanse” the failure of Sebastian Hos, and expand the Dynasty’s influence even further. In the silence after his declaration, the assembled House stakeholders realised that he represented something that the other claimants lacked: The Hos Dynasty Ambition.

So what’s this mean mechanically kids?

I’m trying to keep careful track of “time” in this campaign, so essentially the Explorers have until January 1, 826.M41 to reach a Profit Factor of 60 or else the Dynasty will atempt to “reclaim” the Writ of Authority… which can only be surrendered upon Jequin Hos’ death.

Jequin Hos' Gamble

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