Astropath Eckhart

Stylin' Astropath

49 38 32 54 58 62 46 82 34



Insanity : 50
Corruption : 9
Malignancies: Hatred

Wounds : 18
Fate Points: 6

Origin Path
Home World: Void Born
Birthright: Scavenger
Lure of the Void: Hunter (Bounty Hunter)
Trials and Travails: Darkness (Dark Secret)
Motivation: Devotion

Awareness (Per)
F. Lore Psykers (Int)
Invocation (WP)
BASIC Navigation Stellar (Int)
BASIC Pilot Spacecraft (Ag)
Psyniscience (Per)
S. Lore Cryptology (Int)
S. Language Novara Cant (Int)
S. Language High Gothic (Int)
S. Language Low Gothic (Int)

Resistance (Fear)
Armour of Contempt
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Heightened Senses (Sound)
Psy Rating 4

Psy Focus
Void Suit
Guard Flak

Best-Craftsmanship Laspistol
Light Milspec Power Armour
Force Sword

Charmed: When spending a fate point, roll a d10. On a roll of natural 9, the fate point is not lost.
Ill-Omened: -5 Penalty to all tests made to interact with non Void-Born humans
Void Accustomed: Immune to Space Travel Sickness, and low-gravity or zero-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain

Spent XP
4500 on being a Rogue Trader character
500 on Origins
Rank 1:
0 on two free powers: Mind Ward & Delude
350 on paying Origins debt
100 on Awareness
100 on WP advance
200 on Melee Primitive Training
250 on WP advance
250 on Toughness advance
500 on Warp Affinity
100 on Inspire
100 on Forbidden Lore: Warp
50 on a bit of a WP advance (rest is in Rank 2)
Rank 2:
450 on rest of WP advance
300 on Psy Rating 3
200 on Mind Link
200 on Mind Probe
200 on Compel
200 on Sensory Deprivation
200 on Dodge
750 on WP advance
200 on Psyniscience +10
300 on Resistance (Psychic Powers)

Rank 3:
500 on Psychic Discipline (Telekinesis)
200 on Psy Rating 4
200 on TK Crush
300 on Dominate
200 on F Lore: Psykers +10
200 on Psyniscience +20
200 on Scrutiny
250 on Ag advance
250 on Per advance
100 on Int advance
250 on Paranoid
250 on Int advance
300 on part of Per advance

Rank 4:
200 on rest of Per advance
200 on TK Shield
200 on Psy Rating 5
200 on Decieve
200 on Decieve+10
200 on Scrutiny+10
200 on Scrutiny+20
200 on Meditation
200 on Awareness+10
200 on Awareness+20
200 on FL: Warp+10
200 on FL: Psykers+20
500 on Int Advance
200 on CL: Imperial Navy
100 on Talented: CL – Imperial Navy
750 on Int Advance
50 on Secret Tongue: RT

Rank 5:
50 on remainder of Secret Tongue: RT
200 on Psy Rating 6
100 on Precision TK
200 on Psycho-kinetic mist
300 on Psycho-kinetic Shield
500 on Reprogram
750 on Per advance
200 on CL – Imperial Navy+10
200 on CL – Imperial Navy+20
100 on Force Bolt
400 on Force Shards
500 on Warp Sense
500 on Ag advance

Rank 6:
200 on Sound Con
500 on Improved Warp Sense
500 on Bastion of Iron Will
500 on Voidfrost Discipline
100 on Embrace of Emptiness
750 on Ag advance
200 on Logic
300 on Psy Scream
500 on Toughness Advance
450 on most of WS advance

Rank 7:
50 on rest of WS advance
200 on Quest for Warmth
500 on Psy Rating 7
500 on Warp Conduit
500 on Mighty Shot
600 on Sound Con (x3)
200 on Logic + 10
200 on Logic + 20
750 on Toughness advance
400 on Sound Con (x2)
200 on FL: Warp +20
200 on Talented (Any) Dodge
700 on most of WS Advance (#2)

Rank 8:
50 on rest of WS Advance
500 on Storm of Force
500 on Duty Unto Death
500 on Psy Rating 8
1000 on Per advance (#4)
500 on Swift Attack
500 on Hard Target

Running Total: 33550 spent.


Eckhart was born and raised on the sprint trader Novara. His early life was pleasant and uneventful, raised by his mother, the captain. He never knew his father, who was a meaningless fling who Eckhart’s mother never considered important enough to mention.

Captain Eckhart fell in with a young scion who she became quite taken with. He convinced her to get involved in the cold trade, promising incredible profits. It went well at first, but their actions were discovered by the Inquisition, who handled the situation in the usual way.

The young man immediately abandoned her and sold her out, relying on that and the protection of his powerful family to avoid the complete destruction wreaked by inquisitorial agents.

After years of fleeing they were eventually caught. The stress awakened his psyker abilities and he was picked up by the Black Ships and trained by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and mindwiped.

He served in the Adeptus for years, peaceful in his work. However, one day his world was shattered for the second time. A message he was tasked to relay contained a description and image of a rogue trader; Calligos Winterscale. He instantly recognized the trader as the young man who had destroyed his life.

Abandoning his duties in the Telepathica, he plunged immediately into the search for this Winterscale. Hunting Winterscale became his life, and tracking any lead on where to find Winterscale or get close enough to exact his revenge led him to walk in…dark places.

Now he has taken ship with the In Purgatio Lumen on their passage into the Koronus Expanse, Winterscale’s home and zone of control. He seeks to learn as much as he can, and perhaps subtly steer the Lumen into Winterscale’s path…

Astropath Eckhart

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