Nothing makes profit like the blood of men. – Sabal Eyth, Voidmaster of the Far Horizon

Administratum Information

Classification: War System
Region: The Heathen Stars
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: Zayth Battle-Cities
Environment: Radioactive and crater-strewn


Much like Seldon’s Folly, the surface of Zayth has been largely destroyed by war between its inhabitants. Unlike its Ragged Worlds counterpart, this war is entirely localised within the original human inhabitants of this system, living inside their giant mobile cities that periodically engage in planet-shaking bombardments of each other. The only thing that can cause a ceasefire between these cities is the arrival of Imperial spacecraft, which if they approach unannounced or uninvited are targetted by all battle cities in range and fired upon by their surprisingly accurate and long-range macrocannons.

The cities themselves resemble the walking city of Ambulon in Scintilla, and there are rumours that it was built by exiles from Zayth. In recent years the Adeptus Mechanicus has attempted to make in-roads into this planet to learn as much as they can about its technology before the cities tear themselves apart with their warfare.


Magos Commodore Gnothis Trannarch has asked the Hos Dynasty to negotiate with one of the Land-Ships of Zayth for their macrocannon technology. He has provided initial contacts, but he left the implementation up to the dynasty.


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