Witch-Cursed World

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Dead World
Region: Stations of Passage
Founding: 070.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: None
Recommendations: This was not randomly named


A world without star, moon or planets, this world was only found due to the unusual lull in warp activity that surrounds it. This world was thought to be from another system and cast adrift in a warp storm, but there has so far been no confirmation of it. The atmosphere is frozen by the cold of the void, and there are no minerals, nor ruins on the planet.

Current Situation

Despite the utter lack of anything of note, and the complete absence of any warp activity in the region, this planet is thought to be cursed and only the most desperate or naive of voidmasters will anchor a ship here for respite. No one stays here longer than they must, and more than one ship has been said to be found adrift in orbit, its crew missing and its systems dead.

Witch-Cursed World

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