Winterscale's Realm


Winterscale’s Realm is a collection of stars located Spinwards in the Koronus Expanse. First charted by the Winterscale Dynasty, they lay claim to all of the worlds in this region. Following the defeat of Aspyce Chorda, the region has almost completely fallen under the control of Calligos Winterscale.

The region hosts a large number of “populated” systems, all of which now swear loyalty to Winterscale. Their actual relationship to him range from direct ownership to vassals who swear hommage and loyalty to him, but are in fact ruled by other Rogue Traders or given over to such institutions as the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Winterscale Domain

  • Fleetwind – The former base of Aspyce Chorda, when the Rogue Trader abandoned her interests, it was the first system reclaimed by Winterscale and signalled the shift in power in the Expanse.
  • Lucin’s Breath – Mining World and the central gem of Winterscale’s Realm. There are intense mining operations for the rare nephium produced here, and the Adeptus Mechanicus maintain a close watch over their operations.
  • Maleziel – The adminstrative center of Winterscale’s Realm, this is where trade agreements are arranged, and annual yields are calculated.
  • Nazhdureyah – One of the first human populated systems discovered in the Expanse, it has long since been converted to the Imperial Creed. Its massive hives are a common ground for traders allied with Winterscale to replenish their population.
  • Solace Encarmine – A truly beautiful pleasure world, exquisitely suited to human recreation. All servants of Winterscale are given lavish, elaborate estates on the planet where their every whims are catered to.
  • Valcetti’s Salvation – The resting place of one of the first Missionaries to flow through the Koronus Expanse, it has become a Shrine World and beacon for many inside of Winterscale’s Realm.

Adeptus Mechanicus Domains

  • Barsuvian – The central and most well-travelled forge world inside of the domain, apart from the Winterscale-exclusive ones in Lucin’s Breath.
  • Gallant – An uninhabitable system, it is rich in asteroid belts and refinable materials that the Adeptus Mechanicus takes to its forges to furnish their experiments continued inside of the realm
  • Otshirvani – A world full of primitive abhumans with a rapid reproductive and growth cycle, which results in a drastically shortened lifestyle. Its population is reserved exclusively for the work of Magos Haugaard

Indepenent Domains

  • Burnscour – A vicious death world home to increasingly dangerous, yet mindless Xenos lifeforms. It was granted to Abel Gerrit following the Orkish invasion.
  • Egarian Dominion – A collection of well over a dozen systems, independent Xeno-Archeologists probe the ruins of this ancient, long-dead civilization in the hope of one day discovering its secrets.
  • Everharvest – Once another prosperous Agri-World, the system was shattered during a war to convert its people to the Imperial Creed. What little agriculture survives on the planet fights against the apparent destruction of the bulk of its atmosphere.
  • Periapt – An otherwise empty system, whose proximity to the great warp storms that encircle the Koronus Expanse ensure a greater-than-normal chance of a Space Hulk emerging. Though still rare, many Rogue Traders maintain a token presence here in the hope of one emerging.
  • Redemption – A no-questions-asked penal world, where allies of Winterscale can send “inconvenient” enemies to work and toil the rest of their lives away.

Unclaimed Systems

  • Jerazol – Once the primary Agri-World in Winterscale’s Realm, it was destroyed in an unknown calamity and rendered a dead world.
  • The Serpent’s Cradle – A pair of systems that lurk inside a small nebula, and are said to form the head of a great serpent when viewed from Lucin’s Breath. Attempts to colonize or even explore it have proven unsuccessful.

Winterscale's Realm

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