Winterscale Intelligence

The Leader

Calligos Winterscale: The primary Rogue Trader and single most powerful force inside of the Expanse. He is known as a mercurial and passionate man, who makes simple, straight forward demands and has rarely if ever reconsidered his positions, believing it shows weakness. His Dynasty has been in the Expanse almost since its inception, and has resources beyond what anyone could anticipate.

Prior to the war with Aspyce Chorda he favoured capital-sized ships, tending towards Cruisers and above. Following the defection of one of Chorda’s top lieutenants, he gained a large number of Raider and Frigates finally allowing his fleet a degree of mobility that he lacked before. His Flagship, the Avenger-class Grand Cruiser Emperor’s Vow is a well-known, battle scarred monstrosity that has been remodeled over the millennia into an almost impenetrable killing machine.

The Lieutenants

With an empire the size of Winterscale’s, he has had to rely on a number of capable and powerful lieutenants, each one given his full trust and discretion to deal with problems as they see fit. They are lavishly rewarded, and ruthlessly punished for any betrayal.

Hadarak Fel

A rising star among the Koronus Expanse, he was the latest scion of the ancient Fel Dynasty, and in the recent times a common figure in the Expanse. Following the siege of Footfall, and the Orkish invasion of Winterscale’s Realm he had put together a fleet to counteract the invasion and as a reward was promoted to one of Winterscale’s chief lieutenants.

He was sent as an envoy to attempt to provoke war with the Hos Dynasty under the premise of buying out a controlling interest in Svard. Though he confessed that he was hoping the offer would be refused so that he could wage war on Jequin Hos, he was unexpectedly assassinated by Eldar, and may be the precipitating event for a full-on war with Winterscale.

Angelus Fabrizio

Former lieutenant to Aspyce Chorda, he masterminded a mass defection of dozens of her void ships over to Winterscale’s sie, and was rewarded with a position of power. Prior to this event, Winterscale had rarely accepted defectors or betrayers, so many were surprised that he was rewarded as lavishly as he was.

He has since been in charge of pacifying and asserting control over Chorda’s former territories, and it’s clear that he has powerful influence inside of the Expanse.

Karren Valtz

A Rogue Trader turned religious follower, she appears to believe in the inevitability and necessity of converting the Koronus Expanse into a Sector, and as such relentlessly works towards converting lost colonies into following the Imperial Truth. She has joined with Winterscale initially as an alliance, but has since come to espouse publically that she believes Winterscale’s ambition is the guiding light that will convert the Koronus Expanse.

Magos Haugaard

The Adeptus Mechanicus representative for Winterscale during the war with Lucin’s Breath, she vehemently opposed the truce with Aspyce Chorda and represented Winterscale’s ambitions to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Her private Explorator fleet is rarely seen inside of the Expanse, instead working with the resources that Winterscale provides to her.

Winterscale Intelligence

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