War over Lucin's Breath


The Orkish Invasion of Winterscale’s Realm was finally broken over their primary world of Lucin’s Breath, where Calligos Winterscale had been keeping the bulk of his forces, and initially appeared as if it would be a crushing defeat for the Rogue Trader, as Aspyce Chorda had “repositioned” the bulk of her forces, and thus Winterscale was left alone to face down the Orkish tide that threatened to sweep away his planet.

Prior to reaching the planet and beginning the invasion, the Orkish fleet found thrown into disarray by the arrival of unaligned Rogue Trader forces led by Hadarak Fel, who scattered the unified fist, and left them open to a central charge by Winterscale’s forces. Casualties were still heavy that day, but the majority of Winterscale’s fleet were left at least in a salvageable state, and the backbone of the invasion was effectively broken.

The death of the Warboss leading this fleet was never confirmed, but nonetheless the resounding victory for the Imperial forces over this world was the defining moment that led to Winterscale eventually retaking the Realm which bore his name, and beginning to once more spread his influence over the Koronus Expanse as a whole.

Though many ships were lost, those that were salvageable and felt to play a major part in repelling the invasion were honoured and commemorated by Winterscale, with Fel himself receiving an offer to join Winterscale’s inner circle, which he accepted.

Surviving Imperial Forces

Winterscale Dynasty Forces

Grand Cruiser
  • Emperor’s Vow
Battle Cruisers
  • Impenetrable
  • Wraithbreaker
Heavy Cruisers
  • Solar Wyvren
  • The Spirit of Servitude
  • St. Cordelia
  • Holy Resolution
  • Righteous Fury
  • Exarch of Glavia
  • Stellatus Lux
  • Guiding Light of Faithful Intent
  • Unctialon Extremis
  • Sage of the Warp
  • Morningstar of the Night
  • Ephadra’s Charm
  • Shield of Caladon
  • Bellator Squadron: 6 Sword-Class Frigates

Adeptus Mechanicus Forces

Grand Cruiser
  • One-Eyed Cog
  • The Faithful Ascendence of Reason
  • The Inevitability of Reclaimed Knowledge
  • The Will of the Omnissiah Rendered Manifest

Fel Alliance Forces

Grand Cruiser
  • Fist of Dorn (Unknown)
  • Fel Hand (Fel)
  • Fel Guardian (Fel)
  • Blessed Enterprise (Sun Lee)
  • Ordained Destiny (Blitz)
Light Cruisers
  • Fel Redemption (Fel)
  • Fel Ambition (Fel)
  • Fel Vengeance (Fel)
  • Nihontu (Sun Lee)
  • Hinomaru (Sun Lee)
  • Flying Crane (Sun Lee)
  • Prancing Dragon (Sun Lee)
  • Great Phoenix (Sun Lee)
  • Merciless Blades (Blitz)

War over Lucin's Breath

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