Void Border Security

The Crystal Council of Svard has informed the Hos Dynasty of a pirate band thought to be operating somewhere out of The Cauldron. They have asked you to hunt down these pirates to ensure the safety of their system.

Type: Lesser Endeavour

Goal: Destroy the pirate band operating out of The Cauldron.

Objective 1: Locate the Pirate Den in The Cauldron (Exploration)

  • Result: SUCCESS: Pirate Den located in the Inti system.
  • Reward: 523/250 Achievement Points. 250 Base plus 10 for a Detailed Warp Route chart, plus 261 bonus from the In Obscurum Veritas.

Objective 2: Destroy the Pirate Band (Military)

  • Reward: 565/500 Achievement Points. 500 Base plus 50 for forcing the surrender of two Raiders, plus 15 from the In Obscurum Vertias.

Objective 3: Turn their ill-gotten gains into profit (Criminal)

  • Result: SUCCESS: Archeotech caches discovered and analyzed/sold for profit.
  • Reward: 313/250 Achievement Points. 250 Base plus 63 from the In Obscurum Veritas.

Final Result:


  • Total Achievement Points: 1399/1000
  • Profit Factor Gained: 6
    • 2 Base Reward
    • 3 for Bonus Achievement Points
    • 1 for Hard Bargain.

Void Border Security

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