Water is the lifeblood of any world, it flows through the veins of the earth feeding the righteous and drowning the wicked. So it has always been, so it will always be. –Kalmera Vors, Keeper of the Winds of Atar

Administratum Information

Classification: Feudal System
Region: The Heathen Stars
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: Priest-Lords and Slaves
Environment: Dry and Heretical


Vaporious is a primitive but dangerous world. Its sole inhabited world has one solid continent dotted by a few lakes, but is primarily given to dry, desert areas on which giant cities built of glass where the bulk of the population gather. It’s said that each city is ruled by a cadre of Priest-Kings who have the power to summon water – a truly precious resource on this planet.

Periodically members of the Ecclesiarchy set out to try and convert the people of this planet to the faith of the God-Emperor, but none have met with any success. Rumours are that they have a secret monastery set up, and if the correct Imperial Cult operating out of the Expanse can be located they are always eager for supplies and men to aid them in their conversion efforts.


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