Unfulfilled Promises of Agony

The Action on 061.826.M41 in the Grace System

Battle against the Eldar in the Grace Sector

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : pGhb6CJz-ZYMS-lDKV-pSb6-qSI71vORDjt7


After the recapture of the space station the Dagger of Fate it was brought to Lord Hos’s attention that an Eldar shuttle was escaping the station, bound for parts unknown. Unfortunately, our own vessels were unable to intercept it and the station had its atmosphere vented to prevent the Orks from moving against the Grace system. After allowing the space station to re-pressurize, the Inner Council moved to purse this ship.

It was found that the ship was moving towards the asteroid field located in the primary biosphere of the Grace system. When the small transport ship got close to an Eldar cruiser, its own comrades treacherously obliterated them out of the void. At this point Officer Nichols attempted a scan of the vessel failed, and was baffled by the xenos technology.

The Battle

The first movement of the action, following the destruction of the small Eldar cutter, Lord Hos and Explorator Artifex Felicis organized the firing of Macrobatteries, while I lent my intellect to the firing of the lance. It was unfortunate that both shots (which in my humble estimation would normally would hit to great effect) went wide because of the xenos possessing such blasphemous technological trickery.

Our Orkish mercenaries in Da Ship Eata then let loose with their boarding torpedoes, which were easily dodged by the nimble Eldar vessel now identified as the Promise of Agony. The Promise of Agony seems to have been known throughout the Expanse as a slaver and a raider, and must have become trapped in the storms of Grace.

After maneuvering into a firing position the xenos ship let loose a volley of torpedoes, of which only 1 hit. However even this single torpedo caused massive damage to the most holy In Purgatio Lumen. It then moved over our prow and fired its xenos batteries at the In Purgatio Lumen, thrice hitting the ship with resounding blows. Captain Hos attempted to rally the crew members to greater feats after these devastating impacts.

The In Purgatio Lumen then returned fire, but again the shots from the lance and macrobattery were ineffective due to xenos baffling field. However, Lieutenant Nichols was able to pierce their mysterious “Shadow Field” and obtain a complete readout of the ship’s configurations and, most importantly, the location of their components generating this power.

Our Orkish mercenaries moved close into the Eldar ship. The boarding torpedoes collided fantastically, and a mighty xenos vs xenos battle occurred. The Orks’ ferocious attacks and brutality easily outmatched the dainty and ‘graceful’ Eldar. The rampage aboard ship led to the Eldar ship having several sections depressurized, the maneuvering systems knocked off line, and a large amount of the Eldar crew were killed. In addition Astropath Eckhart was able to use his psychic powers to disrupt the firing crews of the Eldar.

The Eldar engines were so damaged by the Orkish assault that they could no longer maneuver their vessel and were forced to travel in a straight line. The brilliant tactical positioning of Lord Hos had now left the Denis vessel unable to acquire any firing targets, and they were at what mercy we would offer Denis filth – that is to say none. Unable to repair their damaged components, the In Purgatio Lumen maneuvered into optimal firing position. It was then that my excellent intellect helped the Star-Flare Lance score a proper hit. Captain Hos together with Explorator Felicis were able to organize the macrobatteries into an excellent volley of their own. The combined assault of lance and battery lead to the loss of the Eldar augur array, but most importantly the destruction of that accursed Shadowfield.

With what little protection the vessel could muster disabled, their ship continued to be adrift as the tricky xenos failed to control the damage inflicted by the In Purgatio Lumen. Yet again the Orks launched a massive salvo of boarding torpedoes, and they easily finished off the remaining and demoralized Eldar.


It is estimated that we have taken large casualties (my estimates suggest around 13,000 crew members perished in the Eldar assault). We should also consider the impact of ship morale following this battle.

It’s is also estimated that around 1000 Orkish mercenaries have died. In addition around 60,000 Eldar are believed to have perished under the combined human and Orkish onslaught.

It should also be noted that the Promise of Agony has been captured almost intact. This could cause great problems as many would likely be interesting in a working Eldar cruiser. Lord Hos will need to tread carefully.

I would also note that the loss we have taken may cause us great problems in the future. It would be advisable to increase ship patrols and discipline to stave off conflict, especially coming from our new mercenaries. We must also consider the Orkish mercenaries and they may wish for more of “da fightin’” to occur.

Unfulfilled Promises of Agony

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