The Yu'Vath Envoy

The Yu’Vath Envoy

Reality itself bends and falls

Report By: Lieutenant Aleena Roe
Classification : 78975952-51f7-4a25-9abb-bb52322e618f


Our mission in the Engineerium appeared to be going as expected. Explorator Felicis had uncovered the fate of the crew of the Svard Promethium Refineries, when we received a vox from the bridge. Navigator Maturinus and Lord-Captain Hos had disccovered hundreds of corpses on the bridge, and were beginning their investigation.

Seized with certainty that something bad was about to happen, both Arch-Militant Caine and First-Officer Eckhart made to quit the Engineerium and consolidate our position on the bridge. Explorator Felicis was hot on their heels, while myself and the rest of the Razorwings were not far behind. Opening the door, the group was confronted by the missing Imperial Envoy Nathaniel Kaal. It seemed like all would be fine, but as First Officer Eckhart approached to ensure that the Envoy was secure, reality itself seemed to shatter.


At the door a great field of corruption suddenly sprung up, warping the deck plating and summoning vile creatures from beyond that instilled terror and chaos in my men. The bizarre distortion of the area cut my men off from the three Inner Council members, and I was powerless to do anything but observe. Charging into combat, Eckhart and Caine both struck at him with their weapons, the former even striking a resounding blow. However unlike in the stories I’ve heard of the Astropath’s combat prowess, this one did not seem to do an overwhelming amount of damage.

Explorator Felicis tried to step backwards and use his plasma pistol to deal with the situation, but whatever bizarre energy was distorting the space meant that his plasma pistol seemed unable to maintain its coherency, and the shot went wide. The Envoy at this point focused his powers again and a massive explosion seemed to radiate out from Felicis’ position, shredding the Explorator and injuring Arch-Militant Caine, though the First Officer managed to dodge and strike at the Envoy, though unsuccessfully.

Arch-Militant Caine lept into the fray, but had his blow parried by the Envoy who retaliated with yet another psychic power that nearly slew the Arch-Militant on the spot. With no other option, First Officer Eckhart unleashed the full fury of his Psychic Power on the Envoy, banishing him into the Warp.


Navigator Maturinus on the bridge reported that on the Envoy’s death a great psychic disturbance was released. We soon found out the source, but thankfully I was not personally involved in that fight.

The Yu'Vath Envoy

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