The Winterscale War

A war that occurred while the Dynasty was stuck in the Processional of the Damned that fundamentally changed the power structure of the Koronus Expanse. Following the Damaris invasion, the surviving Ork forces were convinced by the Dynasty to seek out their next great battle at Winterscale’s Realm, hoping that the Orks would destablize the power base of two of the Dynasty’s enemies – Calligos Winterscale and Aspyce Chorda.

Unfortunately the unknown sabotage that sent the Dynasty into the Processional caused them to be gone from political events for a number of years, meaning they were unable to affect the resolution of this battle. The Orks gradually encroached on Winterscale’s Realm, where both Winterscale and Chorda adopted a policy of withdrawal and consolidation, each abandoning territory to the Orkish hordes rather than risk their fleets to the Xenos threat.

The war created many opportunities for other Rogue Traders and agencies to reclaim the lost territory, but this also drew non-allied forces in to somewhat stall the Orkish threat. The stalemate was finally broken when Hadarak Fel rallied his forces to Winterscale’s aid, and the pair managed to route the fleet invading that current sector. This proved a rallying point for Winterscale’s forces, and although no formal alliance was struck between he and the Fel Dynasty, at that point Winterscale went on the offensive.

Although the war was far from lost, momentum had clearly swung against Chorda, and during the battle over Maleziel, Chorda abandoned the battle, and issued a general withdrawal for all forces intending to abandon Winterscale’s Realm completely. The bulk of her fleet present at that battle joined her, but many of her forces were still absent, and have since allied with Calligos Winterscale. The united fleet led by a single ruler was easily able to turn the tide against the Orks, and the battle was won resoundingly for Calligos Winterscale.

In the aftermath, Winterscale has been reclaiming territory both he and Chorda lost, and demanding fealty to any who have set up any claim inside of his realm. He has been completely uncompromising in demanding submission and loyalty, and once the first offer is made if it is rejected he will utterly crush any human forces inside what he has termed his new empire.

The Winterscale War

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