The Winterscale Doctrine

The Winterscale Doctrine

Calligos Winterscale, like all Rogue Traders, has his own idiosyncrasies and approach towards leadership. In this case it is exemplified by his attitude towards his systems and vassals, exemplified by his three most important virtues. Simplicity. Accountability. Ruthlessness.


Circuitous plans or betrayal are to be avoided whenever possible. State your demands up front, and then expect your opponents to either yield or challenge you. Negotiations are reasonable, but do not obscure your desire, or hide your ambition. If you want to challenge someone, do so. If you are not in a position of strength from which to challenge someone, then retreat until you do.


You have no one to blame for your failures but yourself. If you cannot hold a system, then retreat. If you choose to engage in battle and fail, then accept the flaw in your own reasoning that caused you to think that you can win. If you choose to flee a battle that you later realise could have been won, accept that as well.


Do not forgive. Do not forget. If you have been wronged, take whatever steps you need to right it. Anyone who bows to your enemy is a target for your wrath, and if they choose to stand with those who stand against you, knock them down.

The Winterscale Doctrine

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