The Unknown Journey Timeline

Processional of the Damned

Day 1

  • Arrival in Processional of the Damned. Repairs conducted, Unable to determine location.

Day 2

  • Dark star detected. Journey progesses inbound towards Star for mapping.

Day 6

  • Arrival at initial ring of salvaged ships. Impossibility of quantity of ships determined.

Day 9

  • Scouting of initial ring of salvaged ships completed. Decision made to back track to entry point to attempt an escape.

Day 15

  • Approximate return to ingress point of system. Warp Systems refuse to engage.
  • Decision made to explore in-system to find an escape route.

Day 21

  • Ring of destroyed ships passed. Not explored, but damage ascertained to be from temporal decay.

Day 24

  • Arrival at hollow planet inside of the system
  • Encounter with Silbannacus Jacobus, confirmation that time works differently here.
  • Grace of Jaccobus rebels and joins the Hos Dynasty.

Day 26

  • Discovery of Ring of Space Hulks. Reluctantly passed up.

Day 28

  • Discovery of Dust Cloud. Lances begin firing.

Day 29

  • Dust Cloud cleared. Lances cease firing.

Day 31

  • Ring of Space Hulks (Re?)discovered. Still not explored. Captain Hos sulks in his quarters briefly.

Day 33

  • Dust Cloud (Re)discovered. Lances once more begin firing.

Day 34

  • Dust Cloud again cleared. Lances allowed to cool down for maintenance.

Day 38

  • Discovery of secondary planet not explored due to toxic atmosphere
  • Attack of Hollow Men forces evacuation of Grace of Jaccobus

Day 41

  • Discovery of the Ring of Void Wasps guarding the central star. Weak point searched for.

Day 43

  • Search for weak point abandoned.
  • Laws of physics defied to speed through the Void Wasps.

Day 45

  • Central star reached
  • In Purgatio Lumen performs stellar dive. Breaks Warp Field and Escapes

Warp Journey Interlude: 16 Days in Warp. Unknown amount of Realspace time passed.

Rak’Gol System

Day 46

  • Arrival in unknown system. Planets appear habitable, gravitational currents favourable. Exploration begins.

Day 48

  • Arrival at Gas Giant. Discovery of Rak’Gol fleet.
  • Laws of Physics defied to escape ambush.

Day 52

*Edge of Rak’Gol system reached on shutdown power. Warp Journey conducted.

Warp Journey Interlude: 2 Days in Warp. Unknown amount of Realspace time passed.

Labrek System

Day 53

  • Arrival in new Xenos system. Exploration begins.

Day 55

  • First Vox Contact made with the Labrek
  • Meeting with mining guild officials. Repair of Grace of Jaccobus begins.

Day 59

  • Arrival on Labrek homeworld.
  • Investigation of Creator Shrines

Day 60

  • Departure to other planets in search of clues for Creators.

Day 67

  • Eckhart mind-scans Labrek President to learn of existence of “Final Artefact”

Day 69

  • Investigation of first possible shrine location
  • President leaves to return to homeworlds. Science vessel remains behind.

Day 70

  • Second investigation point reached. Mysterious void station explosion.

Day 72 (Current Point in Time)

  • Third investigation point reached.
  • Creator Station discovered. Presumed to be Dark Eldar
    h3. Totals

Days in the Processional: 45
Days in Realspace: 27
Days in the Warp: 18

The Unknown Journey Timeline

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