The Temple

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Space Station
Region: Stations of Passage
Founding: 010.M41
Current Proprietor: Freelance
Environment: Void
Recommendations: Catch Your Breath


Far from the Ministorium presence of The Hermitage, this area was discovered early in explorations of the Koronus Passage. It is a system consisting of tens of thousands of perfectly spherical rocks spinning in complex, yet stable orbits around a dead ember of a star. No one is certain who created these rock spheres, or why, but it is an area of calm and serenity in the Stations of Passage.

The closest safe point to Port Wander, it is the first step through The Maw, and frequently lures inexperienced Traders into a calm complacency that spells disaster as the journey progresses.

Current Situation

No stations or ships remain in permanent orbit around The Temple, as the only feature of note is the star and the odd asteroid formations. Navigators and Astropaths report an odd sense of clarity and ease in this area, but there are no nebula, planets or even gasses to draw the auspex. Just the flickering light of a dying star and the endless orbits of the spheres.

The Temple

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