The Serpent's Cradle

The Serpent’s Cradle? Aye, I’ve ‘eard of that cursed star system, alright! Gems as big as a babe’s fi st! They say a man goes plain mad at just one look —all the beauty and fresh air. Forgets to feed ‘emselves, they do! Just waste away smilin’ like idiots! No one ever comes back from that blighted place! Not ever! Course, that don’t explain how all these tales are heard. – Haspshur Gray, Hive Sibellus Scum

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Unclassified
Region: Winterscale’s Realm
Discovery: 192.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Unknown


The Serpent’s Cradle is a binary star system with Serpentis Alpha and Beta supporting roughly 12 worlds that pass in odd helix orbits between the two stars. Despite the intense radiation that a planet would be subjected to when passing in the middle of these stars, at least three of the worlds are confirmed to be habitable by human standards, and have suffered no long-term radiation damage.

The worlds known are lush and habitable, but all expeditions to claim the Serpent’s Cradle have ended in failure, with the majority of ships not reporting back. Long-range scans from the edge of the planet have identified odd structures bearing resemblance to the technology of the Eldar on these worlds, but no salvage operations have ever been successfully conducted on these structures.

The Serpent's Cradle

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