The Hos Dynasty

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Founded in 826.M37 in the heart of the 7th Black Crusade, Jarrion Hos was granted its Warrant of Trade for outstanding courage and heroism in turning the tide of one of the critical battles in the Scarus Sector. The Warrant granted almost unlimited freedom and authority to the Dynasty, with only one restrictive clause: The Dynasty was forbidden to expand into new regions of Space unless they had first taken part in a Battlefleet exercise. Originally this limited them to the Helican Subsector, but as time passes they now have authority throughout most of the Scarus Sector.

Warrant of Trade

Following the incident with Victris Hos and the near-loss of the warrant, the Warrant of Trade remains in the Hesperus system with the heart of the Dynasty, with the current Rogue Trader holding an official Writ of Authority that carries the same weight and power of the true Warrant. No other member of the Hos Dynasty can use the Warrant, nor be issued another Writ, so long as the Rogue Trader whom the Writ was assigned to still lives. However, should that Rogue Trader die in the line of his exercises, succession is to be determined by the House family on Hesperus.

Current Dynastic Line

The previous Hos Rogue Trader was Xanatov Hos, who led a competent if not spectacular career as the Rogue Trader. When he died, he left six children eligible under House rules for the line of succession. At the beginning of the claimancy period the expected line of succession was Siegmund Hos, Carnelia Hos, Faydra Hos, Petria Hos, Jequin Hos, and Godwinne Hos. This was strictly based off of age, and both Siegmund and Carnelia were seen as strong claimants to the line, with Petria Hos viewed as the “dark horse” possibility. the ascendency of Jequin Hos caught many of dynasty by surprise.

For more information on the rise of Jequin Hos, see Jequin Hos’ Gamble

The Hos Dynasty

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