The Cauldron


The Cauldron is the first of the Koronus Expanse Regions discovered by Purity Lathimon, following the discovery of the path through The Maw. Traders that arrive in Furibundus have exmerged safely from the great Warp Storms that separate the Expanse from the rest of the Galaxy. Its only major Imperial presence is the system of Damaris. Despite its proximity to the Stations of Passage, a large part of it is still uncharted.

The Cauldron itself is named after a ferocious Warp Storm around which hundreds of systems orbit. Although officially uncharted it is suspected that many Rogue Traders or Pirates make their dens in these systems, where they strike out at travellers to Winterscale’s Realm.


  • Bannack
  • Caleston
  • Corpse-Fortune – A long dead Ice World that has been picked clean over the centuries
  • Damaris – A full-fledged Imperial colony inside of the Expanse, a true rarity.
  • Echo – An unknown system, whose position is known in space yet is apparently unreachable by Navigators.
  • False Hope – A bizarre nebula system where Astropaths report unknown messages tempting them into its depths.
  • Foulstone – A long dead system that has a high rate of disappearance among enterprising Rogue Traders.
  • Inti – A system formerly home to pirate raiders, it is now being scouted as a possible Research Mission for the Magos Biologis.
  • Linossa
  • Svard – A prospering Mining system with both raw materials and fuel refineries for those prepared to pay for it.
  • Wraithshard

The Cauldron

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