The Battleground

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Void Space
Region: Stations of Passage
Discovery: Unknown – Presumably dating to 837.M39
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: It’s Cold in Space
Recommendations: Let the Dead Lie


In the early days of exploration in the Koronus Expanse, the Trame and Lathimon dynasties battled for control over the ownership of The Ragged Worlds. This culminated in a great battle in 370.M41 in which Ettimus Lathimon attempted to lay an ambush for his brother Trame to settle the matter of who would inhereit the Warrant of Trade. The two forces battled to mutual destruction, a blow that the dynasty has yet to recover from.

According to the Legends of the Expanse, this place has been a Battleground where early explorers would end up and fight to the death. This region of space should only be noteworthy as a brief calm in the Warp Currents into the Expanse, and yet it has been the site of any number of battles. Certainly by the time of the Lathimon ambush there were already ample shells of vessels in which he concealed his fleet.

Salvagers periodically trawl through this region in search of technology that can be repurposed or sold, but for whatever reason when a fight breaks out in this area of space, more often than not neither party walks away from the fight. When the guns fall silent and the torpedos vanish into the void, only clouds of expanding debris will mark where two vessels brought their argument to the Throne.

Current Situation

A good place for a respite, with the only danger being the person that arrives immediately after you… or before you.

Campaign History

The Explorers rescued Captain Drake and the Holy Promethium here during a thwarted ambush by Chaos Raiders.

The Battleground

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