The Battle of the Inner Sanctums

Battle of the Inner Sanctums

Report By: Navigator Primus Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : 23467894-65g4-3b34-QUIqDKFLdf-R5fG

It was during the time of negotiations with Winterscales envoy Hadrack Fel. It was unfortunate that the negotiations the Eldar decided to interfere with this via an assassination of Fel. He was killed using an Eldar Sword gifted to Hos (and returned like any Emperor fearing citizen), the sword pierced right through the heart of Fel.

Obviously the Inner Circle of Fel was able to detect the heart of Fel stoping. They sprung into action Navigator (I use the term loosely) Letscher jumped and attempted to use some kind of hex on Astropath Ekhart, however he was stronger than she presumed.

Eventually that it happened that Lady Ashe jumped up and begin to run to the door which contain Hos and the cold body of Fel. In reaction to this Sarvus jumped to tackle her to the ground.

While this was occurring Lonny was begging his type of drug induced frenzy. It was fortunate that this did not last long as he was then repeatedly shot with Caines plasma weapon at point blank range. This took a chunk out of the drug fueled beast. But the man would not be taken down by a simple repeated plasma shots to the chest. Caine needed to give Lonny the personal touch, using his lightning claws. These were most effective sending him along to a point of no return against the edge of the wall of the room.

It was during this time when Lonny and Caine were wrapped in a mortal combat that Ekhart was attacked by a strange device. A quick feint and a jab to the back of the head lead to Ekhart being sent into spasms and was unable to use any of his powerful psyker abilities.

All during this time I was locked in a deul with Navigator Letcher. I had realized that she would attempt to stop Ekhart, and so I engaged her one on one, eye to eye. It was a battle of wills. At the start I was triumphing, however my fears were soon realized and her will began to attack me as if a hurricane battering a small town. It was as if staring into the warp, and then being slapped by it. I was then unfortunately knocked out for the remainder of the fight.

I was told that the Navigator Letcher, then held a gun to my head and attempted to negotiate with Hos for some kind of passage. No self respecting Navigator would take another after a duel hostage. It was simply disgusting.

However she paid the ultimate price. Using his great power and artifact Sarvas was able to disintegrate her in one shot with his Scepter of Power. That then ended any of Fels remaining Inner Sanctum.

I heard then that then Sarvus had disintegrated Salome as well in the mean time.

It was unfortunate that even though she was unconscious that Lady Ashe was to be executed as we had no way of ensure that she would not escape using some kind of teleporting technology which Fel had possessed. She was disintegrated and believed that she had felt nothing in her death. After this battle we had to engage what remained of Fels forces above Svard.

The Battle of the Inner Sanctums

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