The Accursed Demesne


At the far end of the Koronus Expanse, past the storms of Kain’s Abyss and bordering on the unending chaos of the Rifts of Hecaton lies the Accursed Demesne. In many ways it is the least understood region of the Expanse, for it is here in the Expanse that the Orks of ‘Undred-’Undred-Teef and other starfaring Xenos races dwell. Dozens of Rogue Traders have lost their lives attempting to broker deals with the creatures lurking in these realms.


Most of the systems of the Demesne are uncharted, and the systems lurking in the center of the Demesne are technically no exception. However these four stars make up the heart of the Orkish “Empire” in the Koronus Expanse, and less than a century ago they were the source of a mighty WAAAAAAAGH that spilled out and nearly destroyed Port Wander. Though the threat was driven back, it was not defeated, and even now there are rumours that a new Warboss is gathering its forces and once more threatens to spill out into the Expanse.

Other Systems

The Accursed Demesne

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