Svardic Testament of Victris Hos

To my descendent,

That I have not returned to destroy this record does not bode well for me, nor my quest. I must assume that you have been led here, either through the trail I left in Ritammeron or by investigating what I sincerely hope is a system that still bears the mark of the Hos Dynasty.

Know that our antecessor, Sebastian Hos, did not die during the Angevin Crusade as we were informed. I still track his trail and purpose, but given the horrors both in Ritammeron and here, it seems clear that there is more to the Koronus Expanse than we were led to believe. In this system once stood a weapons factory of the Yu’Vath, the Xenos horrors banished by Saint Drusus and whom even now the Ecclesiarchy seeks to erase from history. A fate no worse than they deserve, but ultimately foolish in its short-sightedness.

The Yu’Vath have always thrived in darkness. It was only the light and power of the living Saint that finally drove them back. Every fragment I’ve been able to piece together has found that it is our faith and charity that repels them, while acts of maliciousness and the opening of oneself to the horrors of the Warp will draw them in. This Svard system appears to have mined the bizarre crystals they use in their blasphemous technology, and fashioned through a method I still do not understand into their attack craft and living weapons.

I have strengthened the Imperial Faith in the colony here, and drawn volunteers from what Feral worlds I have encountered to live in the purity of the Emperor’s light. It is my hope that as long as they hold true to the creed, whatever monstrosities the Yu’Vath bred here will forever slumber. I depart now on the trail of the In Purgatio Lumen. The next fragment speaks of a world out at the very edge of the Halo, where a Xenos race lies sleeping, never to wake but never to die. I would hope my message is more direct than that.

Ultimately I know not what would have drawn you through the Warp Storms to this sector, but if you have found a colony still true to the Imperium, then I know my journey here has not been in vain. I pray for the continued success of you, and our dynasty.

-Victris Hos

Svardic Testament of Victris Hos

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