Svardic Planetary Guard


Svard is an almost self-sufficient world, which would be unheard of in the Imperium, if this were an Imperial World. Its unusual past has led to it requiring a self-sufficient force to keep order as well as repel the odd raider or pirate force originating in its outlying, previously abandoned sectors.

Since their invasion by the Yu’Vath the people of Svard have been regarded with suspicion, but they are still a loyal people ready to defend their homeworld.


  • Recruiting World: Svard – Mining World (3 points)
  • Commander: Choleric
  • Regiment Type: Line Infantry
  • Training Doctrine: Die Hards
  • Equipment: Augmetics


  • Characteristics: + 3 Strength, + 3 Toughness, + 3 Agility, – 3 Intelligence
  • Aptitudes: Toughness
  • Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (Tech), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Tech-Use
  • Talents: Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload, Resistance (Cold)
  • Wounds: One Extra Wound
  • Bonuses
    • + 10 to all Tests to gain Bionic Limbs
    • + 10 to Awareness and Navigation (Surface) when Underground
    • - 10 to all Perception Tests made in bright light
  • Favoured Basic Weapon: Combat Shotgun
  • Favoured Heavy Weapon: Missile Launcher

Standard Kit

  • One Combat Shotgun
  • One Laspistol
  • One Set Photo-Visor
  • One Additional Dress Uniform
  • One Suit of Flak Armour
  • Two Frag Grenades
  • Two Krak Grenades
  • One Auspex Per Squad

Svardic Planetary Guard

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