Svard Promethium Refineries

It is no exaggeration to say that Promethium is the lifeblood of the Imperium. – Administratum Scholar Emelia Linza


Promethium is a general term used for any form of combustible fuel in the Imperium of Man, including the various isotopes of hydrogen used as both fuel and reaction mass in Imperial Plasma Generators and starship engines. Before rediscovery by the Imperium, the bulk of Svard’s resources came from the Hollow Worlds, the minerals of were converted through a much more inefficient process into fuel and power for their massive transports and populace. The dying gas giant of Jatti, although producing some absolutely breath-taking stellar phenomenon, was not viewed as an exploitable resource by the people of Svard.

The Adeptus Mechanicus quickly realised the possibility of a constantly-replenishing stream of stellar gasses that could be exploited for millennia to come. They began erecting massive void stations to capture and refine the Promethium gas which be shipped by specialised transports to fuel their forge moon of Cog, and resupply ships across the Expanse. The amount of Promethium not hoarded by the Imperium or the people of Svard was small, but the knowledge of a system in which precious fuel could be found was highly appealing to Rogue Traders and pirates alike.

The stations themselves are quite well-armed, as they must constantly be on guard for asteroids from the Hollow Worlds decaying into the orbit of Jatti, and three installations to date have been lost when an unfortunate collision ignited the Promethium reserves on board. Most installations are lost when a sudden flare in the gravity fields results in the station being pulled into the gas giant and crushed – though in all but one case there was enough warning to evacuate the personnel first. Cog regularly produces and deploys replacement stations, and despite the monumental cost of such an endeavour, the resulting profit is more than worth the expenditure.

The Salvation of Svard

The onset of the rebellions appears to have begun in the Promethium Installations, killing most of the loyal population. When the Svard Space Defense Frigates moved in to crush the rebellion it is known that some stations were lost and others destroyed, along with most of the Frigates. Only one Installation is currently known to be active and with a determined position – Installation 21.

The Hos Dynasty eventually reclaimed this installation, though they discovered all personnel appeared to have been killed, many by their own hand. The Installation was revealed to be a trap laid, and the site of the final battle against The Whisperer.

Svard Promethium Refineries

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