Svard Prime

The Light of the Emperor shall spread without Missionaries to carry its words! – Missionary Claudia Eristor on the discovery of Svard


The Ice World of Svard is the largest inhabited planet in the Svard system, and as such the system was renamed from being named after the dying star of Aurinko to the colony world itself. Founded by the Hos Dynasty in unknown circumstances almost two thousand years ago, it was rediscovered by the Imperium shortly after the discovery of the Stations of Passage. The world itself has a sustainable atmosphere, but the surface is far too cold to be hospitable for life. The city of Svard Primaris is built underneath the massive ice sheets, and over the years a large hive world was built up, and gradually expanded to three other locations on the world.

Unfortunately the rediscovery by the Imperium has gradually diminished the population of Svard. The first mass exodus came when the citizenry were enraptured by the process of space exploration and eagerly set out to the stars. When the Adeptus Mechanicus showed up, they demanded that all technology and those responsible for their maintenance be turned over to them. The world of Cog was eventually granted to them as a compromise, but a large ammount of the population left to serve on that world instead. Still more left when the crisis of Svard finally broke, and the population is now greatly diminished from what it once was.

Nevertheless the world’s population still numbers in the millions, and is a startling display of specialized Imperial architecture. With massive spires carved out of the local materials and refined to look like crystals, the city of Svard Prime is an impressive sight to those who first see it. The burgeoning trade with the Imperium and the strong sense of local structure produces a cultural appearance that impresses most onlookers. The cities are a pale blue, with most decorations being in the Hos Dynasty livery of black, red and gold.

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Svard prime

Svard Prime

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