Svard Colonial Tracker


This is the Colonial Tracking Sheet for Svard, a Hos Dynasty Colony World. As it stands the Colony is in rough shape, and it’s only going to get worse without significant intervention. The world shows many signs of its former glories with its vast infrastructure

Basic Statistics

  • Colony Type: Mining World
  • Size: 7
  • Next Growth Cycle: 290.826.M41
Complacency Productivity Order Piety
Base Characteristics 2 4 1 1
Base Bonuses 3 0 2 0
Base Penalties -1 0 0 0
Total 4 4 3 1

Colonial Leader

  • Name: Speaker Hermiod Tal
  • Highest Characteristic: Fellowship (53) – Provides +1 Profit Factor
  • Representative Type: Colonist Representative – Complacency losses are decreased by 1.
  • Personality Trait 1: Charitable – Provides +1 Complacency and +1 Piety but -1 Productivity
  • Personality Trait 2: Scholarly – Provides +1 to the lowest colonial statistic of choice (Currently Piety)

Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Communication Infrastructure: The rediscovery of the Imperium and the demand for the materials generated by Svard has allowed the creation of an Astropathic Choir in orbit around Svard.
  • Food Infrastructure: The hollow jungle moon of Kybu provides a rich supply of flora and fauna suitable for consumption by the citizenry of Svard, to augment their normally weak foodstuffs produced on their ice world.
    • Provides +1 Productivity and +1 Complacency
  • Power Infrastructure: Massive fusion generators on board the planet are powered by materials from the Hollow Worlds, providing ample power for the citizenry of Svard
    • Provides +2 Productivity
  • Transport Infrastructure: Svard and its various child moons have been exquisitely crafted to take advantage of their various terrains to make the transportation of various goods efficient and expedient.
    • Provides +1 Productivity and +1 Complacency in the Colony.
  • Water Infrastructure: Being an Ice World, Svard has ample access to pure, clean water supplies that it can transform for its personal and economic needs.
    • Provides +1 Order and +1 Complacency.

Support Systems

  • Arbites Precinct: The world of Exclusion was set up as both a Penal world and a governing body for the local enforcers, augmented by the Adeptus Arbites that liaised with this world in an attempt to bring it into the Imperial Fold.
    • Provides +1 Order, and all Command, Intimidate and Charm tests made by Explorers inside their colony gain +10.
  • Contacts – Svard has generations upon generations to have built its cultural and economic engines, and a number of opportunistic or pious people may be present for you to enhance your actions taken on Svard.
    • Provides 5 Contacts that you can use to gain the Peer talent for a specific Group while on Svard, or to enhance your rolls made on a single skill of your choice.
  • Ecclesiarchy Mission – There are a number of great Ecclesiastical works present on the planet of Svard, and the messengers of the Ministorium have met with approval by the population at large.
    • Provides +1 Piety, and +10 to Fellowship Tests made when dealing with loyal Imperial citizens.
  • Mechanicus Station – The world renamed Cog has been given over to the Adeptus Mechanicus in exchange for keeping the system ships and facilities of Svard active and in compliance with holy technology.
    • Provides +2 Productivity
  • Industrial Facility – The advanced Promethium Refineries in Svard’s inner belt are the source of great revenue for the colony, and are essential to its well-being
    • Provides +1 Productivity
  • Infantry Garrison – Svard maintains an active PDF and SDF force to keep its populace in check and the various worlds of the system united.
    • Provides +1 Order. Gain +10 to Charm and Intimidate tests in your Colony.
  • Inspiring SpeechJequin Hos reassured the people of Svard that he would deal with the situation, and that their faith would be rewarded.
    • The inspirational speech gives +1 Complacency whenever Jequin Hos is in-system

Final Results

Characteristic Base Bonus Penalty Result Effect
Size 6 0 0 7 Territory – Generates 10 Profit Factor
Complacency 4 4 0 8 Generates 1 Profit Factor
Productivity 4 10 1 13 Generates 2 Profit Factor
Order 3 4 0 7 Increases Productivity by 2.
Piety 1 3 0 4 No Effect

Profit Factor Value of Colony: (10 + 1 + 2 + 1) = 14

Svard Colonial Tracker

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