Storming the Citadel of Psykers

Storming the Citadel of Psykers

Report By: Lieutenant Jenna Vasquez
Classification : 92b4a145-8870-4504-81b2-77ce786a7108


The situation on Svard was rapidly deteriorating, and as Lord Captain Jequin Hos stayed behind to deal with the political situation, I and my platoon were tasked with reclaiming the Citadel of Psykers alongside First Officer Astropath Eckhart. Armed with the Carapace armour the First Officer had personally acquired for my platoon and being seasoned campaigners in boarding actions, it was felt that our platoon stood the greatest chance of success.

The area around the landing bay was quiet, and Sergeant Tybalt approached the doorway covered by my and Sergant Mercutio’s fireteams. Hailed from inside by what were taken to be loyal defenders, First Officer Eckhart boldly entered the building to ascertain the situation. Meeting with Warden Mathieu Riek, we were informed that the Astropaths in the tower had succumbed to madness and were enacting a bizarre ritual to further destablize the system of Svard. No doubt feeling time was of the essence, we performed a quick sweep of the lower levels before First Officer Eckhart agreed to assault the upper levels of the Citadel to stabilize the situation.

The first level was clear of enemy action, although there were bodies of fallen defenders that had tentatively been slain in a firefight. On approach I felt my mind assaulted by what the First Officer had trained us to recognise as a Psychic Assault. Steeling ourselves, we proceeded to the second floor, clearing the way with a barrage of Frag Grenade to dissuade any nearby defenders. Storming the level, we encountered a number of Administratum personnel behind a hastily erected barricade who opened fire on us with crude weaponry. My and Mercutio’s fire teams provided suppressive fire from the stairs, while First Officer Eckhart, Sergant Tybalt’s team and the Wardens advanced on the location. The scribes mostly focused their attention on the Wardens, and managed to drop one before their position was devastated by our superior firepower.

As the few surviving Adepts broke and fled, we managed to bring down most of them with a few survivors barricading themselves in the nearby chambers. Leaving two Wardens to guard them, we proceeded up to the Astropathic garden to slay the rogue Astropaths. the Warden proved intractable in his position that they must be slain on sight which First Officer Eckhart disagreed with. The Warden completely ignored the First Officer’s and opened the doorway, he and his men immediately cutting down the Astropath who awaited us.

Realising that the Wardens were not what they appeared, the First Officer ordered us to execute the rogue Wardens, sparing only the senior Warden Riek for questioning. My and Tybalt’s squad handily complied while Mercutio secured the upper garden. The Wardens were quickly slain and Riek secured, revealing himself to be infected in a fashion similar to the assassin that came after the Lord Captain on Svard. As the First Officer interrogated the senior Astropath on board, I and Tybalt stood guard over the prisoner. Tragically a lapse in Auspex discipline caused the two remaining Wardens to ambush us and slay several of my men with frag grenades. Thankfully the prisoner survived, and Sergeant Tybalt executed the two surviving traitors.

Following the Astropath’s lead, I and Tybalt escorted the prisoner back to the Lumen, leaving the remaining troops to guard the surviving Astropaths. I recommend the slain troopers Morr, Kanosh, Bast and Lemans for special commendation as they gave their lives in the service of the Lord Captain.

== End Log ==

Storming the Citadel of Psykers

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