Stirring up the Wasp's Nest

Stirring up the Wasp’s Nest

Report By: Midshipman Callidus Astor
Date of Report: 093.826.M41
Classification : 58c47bc2-e8de-4a68-b7db-0d5856abac72


Right, so, Mister Caine says I need to start filing reports and it’ll be good for me and I believe him, cause I saw him use his fancy arm to burn someone’s legs off yesterday. So, we were on our way back from Exclusion after Mister Caine talked that Emperor-bothering Arbites VERY NICE LADY (he also said I should stop swearing in reports) into letting most of the Svard people go home, though really I was the one doing the talking and he was just reminding me loudly in my ear to not screw it up. I think I did a pretty good job talking her down from all the deaths to just a few, but Mister Caine seemed to take it personally.

Sorry, anyway, we were on our way back to Svard when I hear some explosions and Captain Garret starts yelling for people to take battle stations. Seems like some weird Xenos VERY NICE LADIES got the drop on us and our ship, and we needed to fight back. Mister Caine and the Captain were all over it at first, ordering people to work harder and we managed to blow a couple of real good holes in this things, but they were zipping around way faster than us and started to blow up some stuff. That Kremple… guy? Think he’s a guy. He started yelling about fires and auspex damage and the ship seemed to stop working. Mister Caine ordered his men to take over firing duties and he started trying to organise fire-fighters with the Captain.

I knew that no one was working on the lazy sons of nice ladies down in the decks, so I ran down there to wheedle and deal and get them to really put their backs into it. They did okay, though I think they didn’t know who I was. Mister Caine really needs to get me some better armour, I think talking to people through my void suit is unnerving sometimes. Still a damn sight better than those ratty old leathers, and probably tougher too.

Sorry, anyway, we got point blank and blew up one of those stupid ships, but the other one we’d shot suddenly disappeared. I thought maybe the Auspex still was broken, but Kremple said it was fixed. Apparently they were just gone. I didn’t want to stick around cause the fire was still going and people were panicking, those nobles just started getting underfoot and whining like they’ve never done a hard day’s work in their life. Wasn’t that the whole point of Excursion I asked you?

Anyway the third Wasp was soon joined by a fourth, though it might’ve been the one that disappeared. Caine said to make a note of it but I just wanted to make a note of shooting it. We destroyed the one we had already damaged, but the fourth one came in and just started wailing away at us. I was nearby where it hit, and those little lightning beams didn’t seem to do anything, just caused a bunch of sparks and flashes, but nothing else burned down. Kremple finally got the other gun online, and Mister Caine got the crews in order and we took the last one down in one salvo.

All in all the ship didn’t seem that badly beat up, but those Fires and the confusion really did the worst for us. We showed them who’s boss though, and now we’re back to Svard. I can’t wait, cause now I can be the hero who showed the Arbites and I’m sure some of those Nobles have been smiling at me the right way. There’s one that I’d rea- How does this thing turn off?

== END LOG ==

Stirring up the Wasp's Nest

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