SR-651 Breaking Yards

I have been from the Maw to the edge of the Rifts of Hecaton and back, and seen all the highs and lows of Mankind. I have never seen a place as desperate, squalid and Emperor-forsaken as the Breaking Yards.
-Trade Admiral Jonquin Saul

Administratum Information

Classification: Shipyard
Region: Cinerus Maleficum
Founding: 651.M41
Current Proprietor: Independent Traders and Shipyards
Environment: Giant storms of Asteroids and Debris
Recommendations: Abandon all hope ye who enter.


Although the very thought would make any disciple of the Omnissiah shudder, occasionally void ships are damaged beyond repair, become outdated or the method of repair becomes lost to time and they must be broken down into their constituent parts so that new ships can rise. It was this idea that first drove the business venture that would become the Breaking Yards. Initially founded by Rogue Trader Iridas Holden, there were high hopes as the business model was sound and the location in the “center” of the Koronus Expanse resulted in these massive shipyards seeming well-situated for a new salvage operation.

The treacherous nature of the Breaking Yards was revealed before they even opened though, as vast delays and overruns in production costs led to a mutiny by the chosen overseer of the Breaking Yards, and the subsequent turmoil caused the Holden dynasty to be overthrown and disappear into the annals of history. Once ready, the shipyards fared no better as the new master disappeared into the warp in his stolen void ship, never to return. Without leadership, the entire venture broke down into lawless chaos, with dozens of half-stripped hulks littering the system and station owners carving out pocket empires of work.

According to Administratum records, the Breaking Yards are still up and running. Ships can be brought in and deconstructed, as well components or even entire ships being purchasable in here. Indentured workers are forced to live in cramped asteroid hab-blocks, and each shipyard is fiercely guarded to protect them from their neighbours. Despite the desperate atmosphere, the true tragedy of the Breaking Yards is that they are ultimately busy and necessary to the functioning of the Koronus Expanse. It is the largest functional ship facility in the Expanse, and any Rogue Trader who does not want awkward questions asked in Imperial Space are forced to use their facilities.

SR-651 Breaking Yards

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