Smashing False Saints

Smashing False Saints

Smashing Possessed Saints Statues

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : 6RzyXnBp-U3CC-x4s3-NU2t-2COkThNXbUPO


After securing the Cog and returning to Svard, Lord Hos with the advisors of his Inner Council made the decision to reclaim the artist colony of Silence. The reasons for this are that its erratic orbit having it be closer than any other planets. As well Lord Hos was intrigued by the System Archives which are located on this moon. By following the lead given by the Magos of Cog, Captain Hos hoped to learn more about his adversaries the Crystalwisps. In addition he hoped to find more about the whereabouts of the Imperial Envoy to the Svard system, as he was last seen en route to that location.

After a 1 day journey from Svard Prime, the In Purgatio Lumen, and two escort frigates arrived above the world of Silence. A landing party consisted of the 3rd and 13th Platoons, the members of the Inner Council (with a triumphantly returning Arch-Militant Caine), while Flight Lieutenant Clement organized the guncutters. Landing outside of the Garden of Ruined Saints, the Pathfinders secured the landing zone, while the Crusaders and the Inner Council moved through the broken and wrecked statues of the Garden.

It was at this point the Explorator Felicis seemed to have some kind of religious experience and broke down. His screams and cries through his Vox Link were deafening and distracting, reaching into a high enough pitch to actually hinder the process of all around us.

The Battle

It was at this point that I noticed the statue of Saint Hurex that the Explorator fell in front of was in fact moving. Ignoring Felicis’ show of piety, I drew my Ryza Pistol, flicked it to Maximal and destroyed whatever was blasphemously possessing an Imperial saint’s statue. I informed our group that “The statues are moving.” It appeared that I was not the only who noticed this as Arch-Militant Caine opened fire with his enhanced plasma arm, a concentrated volley of which turned 4 statues into slag heaps of molten rock. Over the vox channel the Pathfinders confirmed that they as well observed movement in the outskirts of the Garden of Saints, appearing that we were surrounded.

Lord Hos quickly took control of the situation. Ordering the Crusaders to form a gun line and shoot down any and all statues in front of the strike force. The Crusaders reacted superbly in the first battle they had fought, with focused las blasts gunning down many of the statues. In addition Astropath Eckhart had moved close to me during the combat, and for some reason I truly felt the glow of the Emperor similar to when I gaze upon the Astronomicon. But this time it felt as if the light was around me and close by shining brighter than ever. No doubt a sign that the Emperor wish for us to destroy these foul abominations to the saints. The First Officer jumped into melee, and literally sent of the statues back into the warp through skilled application of his force blade while a crackling blue and purple lighting went out of it.

Yet again the Explorator was hit during battle, this time by a stone hand smashing into his leg, sending bit of metal and rock mixing into the air. Thankfully Astropath Eckhart was nearby and was able to support Felicis in his time of troubles. Arch Militant Caine continued to gun down with his plasma rifle statue after statue, leaving damaged with large holes or missing arms and legs. At this point Lord Hos noticed the statues in front of the team was thinning. He bellowed “CHARGE FOR THE DOOR!” I threw a frag grenade and made a dash past some of the statues.

The Crusaders showed some inexperience charging directly into some of the remaining statues, although the press of bodies did clear the way for the res tof us. There mono bayonets only seemed to chip the rocks on the statues, and it took the more poewrful weapons of Captain Hos and the First Officer to bring down several of the statues. After reaching and opening the door, I turned around with my Hellpistol, cracked off two shots that pierced a statues and sent it crumbling. Eckhart continued his rampage sending another of these possessed rocks back to the warp where it belongs. Felicis attempted to reach the door only to trip and fall over a piece of a saint’s arm. Lord Hos lead his troops surging forward towards the door, as well as directing air support from Clement’s guncutter. Arch Militant Caine took use of his bionic legs to race to and then cover the entrance way with his steaming plasma gun arm.

The Crusaders, and the Inner Council were able to safely enter the Tower of the Artisans.


Unfortunately after entering the tower there appeared to be a warp field that entrapped us in the building. Attempts to breach the building by Felicis were unsuccessful (and possibly damaging to his mental well-being). I must commend the Crusaders on the first battle. They performed well and not a single casualty was incurred on them. No casualties were reported on our side.

After this engagement we continued to investigate the now warp enclosed Tower of Artisans.

Smashing False Saints

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