The Svard System has existed for millennia without the oversight of the Imperium of Mankind, but even without the oversight of the Adeptus Administratum, records still need to be kept. The moon of Silence served just such a purpose for the longest time in Svard. A small, barren moon in orbit around Jatti, there is surprisingly a human-hospitable atmosphere although the lack of minerals or other valuable resources has made long-term exploitation of the moon not worthwhile.

The lack of atmospheric conditions did make it excellent at the recording and preservations of long term record-keeping for the mining guilds of Svard Prime. For millennia it served such a purpose, but with the re-discovery by the Imperium and the resources brought by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the forge moon of Cog, the use of a manual labour facility became quaint and antiquated.

A solution and conversion of the existing facilities was proposed by the legendary sculptor Carie Quiva. A wealthy noble hailing from Scintilla, she had lived a life of idleness until being inspired by the God-Emperor to bring His light to the heathens of the Koronus Expanse. Although unsuitable for any purpose deemed practical either by the mining guilds or the Mechanicus, the composition of the moon made it ideal for creating sculptors. Quiva’s greatest work was the statue in the Chapel of Third Congregation at Footfall. It’s said that Quiva died when the first pilgrim viewed her statue, but since then the sculptors of Silence have continued to toil to produce some of the greatest Ministorum statues in the Sector.

Notable Members

The Salvation of Svard

Silence has been out of contact during the current crisis on Svard. The Imperial Envoy was last reported as going to Silence to peruse the records of the colony’s history.

Orbital View



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