Ship Maintenance Fees


Keeping Void Ships operational is an expensive venture, and one that Rogue Traders must pay out of their own pocket even when business is a little slow at the moment. Rather than the series of Upkeep tests and complicated maintenance and tracking fees, I’m using the simplified system of assigning Profit Factor to keeping your vessels in good supply, your crew paid and your basic repairs completed. More complex actions (such as repairing archeotech, replacing system or long-term repairs will still be tested as normal). The In Purgatio Lumen is exempt from such fees, as it is the flagship of the Hos Dynasty, and no amount of fighting between siblings would allow such a noble vessel to risk falling into disrepair.

Current Ship Maintenance Fees

Current Maintenance Fees are an easy-to-track Profit Factor penalty based on ship size. To whit!

Ship Class Profit Factor Penalty
Transport 1
Raider 2
Frigate 3
Light Cruiser 4
Cruiser 6
Battle Cruiser 8
Grand Cruiser 10

Crew maintenance is also important, as you will need to be paying your Crew (or at least supplying them with food). Unless they’re servitors, then they’re a ship component!

Crew Level Crew Rating Acquisition Test Profit Factor Penalty
Competent 30 0 0
Crack 40 50 1
Veteran 50 150 3
Exceptional 60 250 5

Ship Maintenance Fees

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