Seldon's Folly

Administratum Classifications

Classification: War World
Region: Ragged Worlds
Discovery: 621.M41
Current Proprietor: Planetary Government/Seldon Dynasty
Environment: Blasted and Radioactive.
Recommendations: In the Grim Dark Future, all love stories end the same.


Originally known as the Pastorus system, this world was once the home of a prosperous, technologically advanced lost colony of Mankind that was brought into the Imperial fold by Rogue Trader Marrus Seldon. This world had even maintained a distorted though faithful worship of the God-Emperor, and it was anticipated that this would be a world that could serve as a new hub for legitimate business trading in Winterscale’s Realm.

While negotiating trade agreements and the re-absorption of Pastorus into the Imperium, Seldon met the wife of the current planetary governor , and they began a passionate affair. Upon discovery, the governor exiled the Seldon and the Imperial delegation, and executed his wife. Driven to grief and rage, Seldon declared war on Pastorus and dedicated the bulk of his military might to revenge upon the planet.

Both Seldon and the governor were killed early on in the conflict, but their forces wage and endless war upon its surface. The once gleaming cities of steel and delicate ecosystems have been burned to ash by the war upon its surface, and even if the war were to stop today it is estimated the planet would suffer complete ecological collapse in a few decades. War Profiteering from this conflict is extremely lucrative, and many Rogue Traders are known to supply both sides of the struggle in an attempt to maximize the profit at the cost of the lives of the poor damned souls waging their endless war.

Seldon's Folly

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