You have said that there is nothing our planet can offer you but our lives. We have so little, and you wish to take even that from us?
-Lord Korhonen of Villintynt upon meeting Rogue Trader Belia Feazelle

Administratum Information

Classification: Feudal System
Region: The Foundling Worlds
Founding: 189.M41
Current Proprietor: Feudal Lords of Ritammeron
Environment: Mountainous caverns and island chains
Recommendations: Don’t expect much out of it.


First discovered in the early exploration of the Foundling Words, the people of Ritammeron claim to have lived on this world since their Gods first descended from the sky to unite the land. The planet itself is an interesting mix, with one hemishpere of the planet being a reasonably large landmass of mountains punctuated by five deep valleys where most if not all of the inhabitants world live. The landmass itself is called Ritammeron by the people, with four Kingdoms located around the edge of the mountainous region, and a fifth in the center which is the central hub of trade such as it is for the system.

Ritammeron is composed of endless mountain peaks and forboding valleys, yet for all of this Mechanicum scans have revealed little of interest in mineral wealth or interesting bioforms. The four “Outer” Kingdoms are Kirous, Kipu, Vitsaus and Loimi, none of which exist in a direct trade route through each other. The fifth kingdom of Villiintynt at the “center” of the landmass possesses the largest population, and has massive trade routes that have been carved and hewed out of the mountain regions to the other four Kingdoms.

The people there are for the most part uninterested in joining the Imperium, and tolerate the presence of Imperial Missionaries quite well, although the conversion rate has thus far been very low. Rogue Traders often resupply their crew at these worlds, a tithe that the Lords of Ritammeron dislike, but are aware that they can do little to stop it. Due to the landscape, arable land is at a premium and supplies are carefully horded by the people. Little in the way of STC-compliant technology has been detected on the planet, but the people will be happy to trade for Imperial supplies.

The other half of the planets is a series of tiny, densely forested islands, named the Saari by the people on the mainland. Most surveys to the area report that although the land is theoretically farmable, there is no island large enough to make establishing a central colony on this side of the world feasible. Not all survey teams return from this side of Ritammeron though, and legends among the people speak of an evil that lives in the waters there, surfacing only to snatch unwary explorers.


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