Rifts of Hecaton


The Halo Stars are the name given by the Imperium of Man to the ancient stars that rim our galaxy before heading out into the vast emptiness that separates our galaxy from its neighbours. The Koronus Expanse is officially classified as part of the Halo Stars, and even its scant mapping to date makes it one of the most well-explored regions in the Halo. The Rifts of Hecaton itself is a massive warpstorm the encircles the whole of the Rimward region of the Expanse, and prevents any Navigator from exiting the expanse into the cold void beyond.

Expeditions are periodically launched into the Rifts to discover what is rumoured to be long-dead Xenos civilizations or warp gates that lead anywhere in the galaxy, but no fleet has ever returned from inside of the Rifts. The Hecaton Cartel is known to prowl this region, but whether they have truly found lost worlds filled with treasures or just salvage the hulks of those foolish enough to traverse the region, none but they know for sure.

Notable Systems

Pulsar 484 Scran – The only known celestial body inside of the Rifts of Hecaton, it was detected by Explorator Fleets emitting its radiation on the Coreward edge of the Rifts. It has never been formally explored.

Rifts of Hecaton

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