Rak gol

The Rak’Gol are a newly discovered Xenos Race found so far exclusively inside of the Koronus Expanse. Reports indicate they possess eight limbs, which they will use all of to pursue a target with surprising speed, or stand on four of to perform other functions – predominately observed to be some form of attack. Their skin is a pale, waxen colour that seems sullen in the light, but when attacked is revealed to be surprisingly resilient. They have two heavy set eyes, and a membrane on the side of their head that is theorized to be used for detecting sound. Most of the information on their species must be inferred, as no Rak’Gol has ever been captured alive – their species appears to be implanted with self-destruct devices and if restrained they will struggle until either their release or death.

It is unknown where they came from, or even if they have any sort of society. Rogue Traders across the Expanse report exclusively violent confrontations with these species, and they have been observed hunting in a manner not dissimilar to pack animals. Though they are capable of advanced tactics, given their strength and toughness they possess the capability to just plow through most defensive measures.

Their language has thus far resisted deciphering, consisting mainly of screeching and rasping noises between each other. They have not been recorded attempting to contact any member of humanity, or any other Xenos race. The only thing they appear to be drawn to are Egarian ruins, which they explore but not completely destroy – a rarity it would appear.

Rak’Gol technology is primitive by Imperial standards, tending towards brutal shock tactics that only serve to augment the creature’s fearsome strength rather than provide them a tactical advantage. More senior members tend to favour a crude form of Xenos augmetics that although undeniably primitive do enhance their already fearsome fighting capabilities. Their vessels are shoddily constructed and their inefficient engines leave radiation traces that indicate their crews must be subject to periodic intense bursts of radiation which do not seem to bother the Xenos.


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