There is no hope now; I have heard the voice calling. It is calling to me from the storm in the sky, and spoke of trespass and blood, and hearing it I know it is the truth.
-Extract from the final astropathic message broadcast from the colonies on Rain.

Administratum Information

Classification: Frontier System
Region: The Foundling Worlds
Founding: 008.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Forested and pleasant.
Recommendations: It seemed like a promising system until everyone died.

Planetary Information

Inner Cauldron

Rain Primarus

  • Large Planet with Low Gravity
  • Atmosphere: Moderate and Toxic
  • Climate: Burning World – Inhabitable.
  • Orbital Features: 1 Moon.

Primary Biosphere

Rain Secundus

  • Large and Dense Planet with High Gravity
  • Atmosphere: Moderate and Pure
  • Climate: Temperate – Verdant.
  • Lifeforms: No fauna, plentiful flora
  • Orbital Features: None

Outer Reaches

Rain Tertius

  • Vast Gas Giant with High Gravity
  • Orbital Features: 7 Moons, significant mineral deposits.


An early attempt to establish a true Imperial colony in the Expanse, the world of Rain seemed to have everything needed to establish a colony world. The environment would have been equally suited for conversion to an Agri-World, hive city or even a rumoured subsector capital.

Over a century of exploration and nothing of particular interest was found buried beneath the rich, fertile soil of Rain. The world had little of interest apart from its environment being well suited to supporting human life.

All this changed during 045.M41, the final year of Rain’s colony life. An astropathic message was sent out indicating that explorers had found some unknown structures inside one of the denser forest regions of the world. A new expedition was planned to this world, but no report was ever made. The last message out of Rain spoke of pale figures in the rain, and mysterious shapes in the clouds, and little else.

Rogue Traders passing through the system have occasionally passed near the planet, and reported no sign of human civilization still existing on its surface. Those few that have dared to land have found no sign nor evidence that the colonies that once stood on its surface ever existed.


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