Ragged Worlds


The Ragged Worlds lie on the Spinwards edge of the Koronus Expanse, right next to the Screaming Vortex. These planets were among the first charted by the Imperium, as the light of their systems could just be seen through the massive Warp Storms. When the Koronus Expanse was heavily colonized any Rogue Traders rushed to these systems, but found that most of the systems could not support colonies in any serious fashion.

Most worlds in this sector had been picked clean by ancient xenos races, and what mineral resources existed were viewed as not worth the draw of the larger, more bountiful worlds of Winterscale’s Realm. Lately, smaller Rogue Traders have been flocking to the Ragged Worlds as the small but reliable profits appeal to those who are just getting started in the Koronus Expanse.

Following the conclusion of the second war in Winterscale’s Realm, that Rogue Trader has slowly been expanding into this region, and claiming its systems for his own.

Notable Systems

Ragged Worlds

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