Rogue Trader Jequin Hos

  • Noble, ancient and peaceful Eldar race. Let us open a dialogue between our two peoples before any more senseless deaths need occur – Uttered shortly before the death of tens of thousands of Eldar and hundreds of thousands of humans.
  • The man you’re facing right now is not the foppish dandy who acts in pantomimes. You will regret these actions.

Explorator Artifex Felicis

  • I can explain. Everything was taken entirely out of context – On being indicted for possible tech-heresy
  • I am going to kill you, and everything that you own and have learned, will become mine. – The words uttered before the death of Magos Hadron Shard, that were somehow taken out of context.
  • If you think what I’ve done is bad, then let me tell you about what the Rogue Trader has been up to! – His plan B.
  • The heretek-obssessed Felicis is gone. The new Felicis will only pursue heresy for good.

Astropath Eckhart

  • Piquant – On successfully ingesting a dish that attempted to rewrite his DNA.
  • Scan Harder – When attempting to assist during any sort of tech test.
  • Oh hey, I’m back – After banishing the Herald of Slaanesh into the Warp, and briefly following him.
  • There are three ways to solve problems: The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Hos Dynasty Way. That’s taking the Wrong Way, and doing it as fast as possible so that we succeed before reality figures out we were meant to fail.
  • Your visions give no actionable intelligence! – said towards Farseer Anaris

Arch-Militant Zacharya Caine

  • I grab the old lady, and shoulder-charge people out of my way. – Shortly before only accomplishing half of that plan.
  • I really should start publishing my own pulp fiction novels – Caine on his adventures

Navigator Maturinus of House Pazzano

  • YOU COULD HAVE ASKED! – On heckling an Inquisitor for their circuitous plan.
  • I’ve had enough of this heresy. – On the Yu’Vath corrupting a statue of the Emperor.
  • You may wish to hold on to something – Shortly before accelerating the In Purgatio Lumen to three times its normal cruising speed.


Official GM Rulings

  • Punching someone requires a test. Bitch slaps are a free action


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