Profit Factor


This page is to familiarize you with your current profit factor, as well as when it went up and down. Profit comes with its own Peril!

Current Profit Factor: 50
Liquid Capital: 17

Profit Factor History

Profit Factor Gains
28Initial Profit Factor
1Bonus from Sarvus’s Origin Path
1Wager with Hadarak Fel over Asteroid Hopping
16Cumulative bonus from Warp Map Selling
5Grain Route
1Hush money from Erasmus Boldt
2Completing Find the Widening Gyre
25Current Profit Value of Svard
10Reward from Emperor’s Bounty
4Reward from Void Border Security
2Reward from Gun Running
24Damaris Profit Factor
2Xenos Hunt on Melbethe
2Excursion to Burnscour
16Current Profit Value of Inti
2Current Profit Value of Bannack
8Current Profit Value of Magoros
6Miscellaneous Profit Factor Growth by Phipps
12Profit stolen from the databanks of the Fel Hand
6Bounties gained from criminals retrieved from Maleziel
2Profit gained from selling Kroot weaponry recovered from Inti

Ship Maintenance
-10Transport Maintenance
-8Raider Maintenance
-12Void Station Maintenance
-12Frigate Maintenance
-12Light Cruiser Maintenance
-18Cruiser Maintenance

Army Maintenance
-3Damaris 1st Planetary Defense Force (Mechanised)
-3Svard 1st Planetary Defense Force (Mechanised)
-3Svard 2nd Planetary Defense Force (Mechanised)

Burning Profit Factor
-5Inti Colony Creation
-2Jeremiah Blitz Trade
-2Unrelenting Fury Burned
-1Dark Angels Boltgun
-1Modified Jovian 3 Drive
-13Ship Acquisition Spending
-3Bannack Colony Creation
-5Magoros Colony Creation
-8Funds lost from Winterscale War.
-4Money burned to acquire Archeotech macrobatteries
-1Money burned to acquire The Mangler

Petty Cash Influx: Roll ever 100 days

  • +2d10 – Profit from Svard
  • +2d10 – Profit from Damaris
  • +1d10 – Profit from Inti
  • +1d5 – Profit from Magoros
  • +1d5 – Profit from Bannack
  • -3d5 – Expenses from Armies
  • -1d10 – Espionage Expenses

Profit Factor

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