Processional of the Damned

Death has a face. I have seen it in the stars; I have seen it in the dark; I have seen it in the damned. – Orlis Siber, sole survivor of the Vagabond’s Will

Administratum Information

Classification: Dead System
Region: The Heathen Stars
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Everyone ends up here eventually.


There are few reports of this system, for there are no known Warp routes into this system. What few ships that have reported visiting this system tell tales of a super-massive pitch-black star surrounded by the wrecks of a million-million ship hulks. Some Rogue Traders become incensed with finding this system and salvaging the legendary hulks.

The Legendary Priest-Captain Wrath Umboldt is one of the few known visitors to the Processional who tells of its worth. He has refused to captain a vessel since his journey there and will not no lonegr speak of what happened.

Processional of the Damned

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