Port Wander

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Space Station
Region: Calixis Sector
Founding: 917.M40
Current Proprietor: Imperial Navy
Environment: Watchpost
Recommendations: Go A’Wandering


Founded by the Navy to serve as a staging ground for vessels lost in the great Warp Storm by the Koronus expanse, it was soon all-but abandoned as the loss rate from failed expeditions quickly outpaced any potential benefits. With the discovery of the Koronus Passage though, Rogue Traders quickly flocked to the station and took over as its unofficial defense fleet. Merchants, Mercenaries and Adventurers now flock to this station, and those freshly returned from the Expanse will trade technology or information inside the armoured protection of this station.

Current Situation

The Battlefleet Calixis maintains a presence on this station, but due to the tremendous fortifications of the space station and the constant traffic from the various ships in transit in and out of the Expanse, their presence is a clear supplement to the defense. The apparent lack of regular patrols belies the fact that the Imperium is watching The Expanse closely, and monitor craft, torpedo launchers, lance batteries and other less known defenses all target any ship passing to or from the Expanse, as faced with the Unknown inside the Koronus Expanse, Port Wander will defend itself.

Notable Personnel

Commander Larius Sans
Karus Har
Magos Esailla Toronos

Port Wander

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