Orks on Agony

Clearing Rampaging Orks on the Promise of Agony

Battle Orks out of Control

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : 63cArAHG-1P0G-ANXP-Qe0W-hnjBfQ8aSfZO


With Astropath Eckhart and myself along with a contingent of Amrsmen (including the Death Bastards) , and a large contingent of Iron Hounds lead by Severian Tollak. Captain Hos had instructed us to find and destroy the rest of the rampaging Orks on the Promise of Agony. It was found that as they were attracted by loud noises, and it was decided after a quick consultation over the Vox with Lord Hos that we shall turn the afterburners on our gun-cutters on and off to attract the Orks.

First Officer Eckhart was able organize a gun line of Armsmen and Death Bastards while Tollak organized a front row of Iron Hounds. I myself stayed near the Armsmen ready to engage any Orks that wandered through the enfilade fire.

The Battle

The Orks were unusual in that they were not using the normal Ork tactic of operating in a large ‘Wagh’. They seemed to be operating independently of each other as they stormed down on the gun line. During a minute of constant firing most of the Orks we blasted by the Hands bolters or seared with the Lasguns of Hos troops. I was surprised when Astropath Eckhart and Tollak began arguing about the casualties being recorded. It appeared we lost around 10 men between the two forces, with only 3 casualties among Hos Dynasty troops. Much less than the thousands in the last space battle, which the Astropath didn’t seem fazed by.

One of the Orks that escaped the gun lines fire dealt with severely by me. It appears studying tombs of knowledge and getting some advice from the Navigator Primus has led to my Gaze becoming very powerful. All that was left of the giant Ork was a dark stain of his shadow, before he could even react to me stepping in his way and revealing my Third Eye. Thankfully the House troops obeyed my orders and avoided my gaze during this massive attack.

Although Eckhart has a soft heart for the men under his command, he has none for the Orks. The deadly blade he wields causing a rupture in the thigh of an Ork he engaged, causing the foul xenos to literally unwind the skin and muscle structure from its downs in a spiral shape. What was removed from his bones disappeared as the rest of the skeleton collapsed on the floor. He brought down another Ork with the blade of his, but for the first time in my memory the beast simply died without any sort of unusual Warp effects.


It would appear that our casualties were miraculously light thanks to the somewhat strained team work of Astropath Eckhart and Tollak. The light causalities were also due to the inability for the Orks to display even the most rudimentary teamwork that I have previously observed among them. The effective command under them worked well, I am happy to report. Only 10 men were lost.

It is estimated Ork causalities were around 400. It was a great victory for the Hos Dynasty and the Imperium. This was an excellent victory securing for the Hos Dynasty lots of Eldar booty. In addition it allowed the In Purgatio Lumen to move to occupy The Widening Gyre still located in the Grace System.

Orks on Agony

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