New Warboss

New Warboss

Report on Attempted Ork Negotiations in the Grace Sector

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : IusHIeWH-wPR4-2GR5-5gl3-vQRhaI5KwceE


Yet again Lady of the Augurs Nichols identified a hidden vessel that was attempting to hide itself in the trail of the gas giant Teardrop. With this vessel identified, Captain Hos contacted it only to have it identify itself as an Orkish vessel waiting in ambush. Captain Hos is never one to fire his weapons needlessly, and hailed the vessel attempting to negotiate with it. The leader identified himself as one “Captain Hammertoof”. Captain Hammertoof was (correctly) impressed by our ship and ability to detect his “hidden” ship. A meeting was scheduled to greet and discuss terms of a truce with Captain Hammertoof.

The Orkish Captain was unfortunately under the impression that we were going to trade ships with him. No servant of the Emperor would allow such a thing to happen and he was informed that the In Purgatio Lumen was not his. His Dennisian intellect was clearly small and could not comprehend this simple idea.

At this critical junction in negotiations, Artifex Felicis came to give the Captain an out during the negotiation saying there was a situation that the Captain had to deal with. This was misinterpreted by Captain Hammertoof as he believed himself to be the captain, and rushed to leave the cargo bay. This led to a brief, but violent, clash which can only happen when you deal with Denis.

The Battle

As the Orks began rushing towards a gun line of infantry from the Hossian Scout Platoon. The men were able to with stand the pressure of a squad of onrushing Orks. The massed lasgun fire ordered by Navigator Maturinus lead one Ork to fall. Navigator Secundarium was able to tie up another upon unleashing the power of my eye (it may be beneficial to learn more of this power as it seems that I have not reached the top of my abilities).

While the foul Orks charged the noble Hossian gun line, the Captain and Astropath Eckhart were able to get stuck right into the thick of the battle. Captain Hos moved straight forward, charging into an Ork. His axe grew red with power as he bisected the pitiful denis. As blood splattered all upon the Captains glorious golden power armor. Eckhart engaged another Ork and hit him sent him "POP"ing back into the warp, using his powerful psyker abilities pushed through his sword.

The Orks struck back with a ferocious fire greater then the ramshackle weapons they possessed would suggest. It lead to the top of Trooper Han’s head exploding into nothingness, as he slouched down for the last time. The Orkish Captain attacked the Lord-Captain, but missed as Hos’ armor deflected any blows. The Orkish blows struck Astropath Eckhart, but the Astropath’s bearing did not falter in combat.

First Officer Eckhart was able to scratch another Ork. However scratches from Eckhart are deadly, as he channeled the warp into devouring the Ork through the scratch. While this occured, the power of the axe was glowing and the Captain let out a bellow, followed by a mighty swing. The power field ripped through the Ork Captains crude armor. That axe now glowing a bright red sizzling to any Orkish blood touching the blade, ripped the top half of Captain Hammertoof from the bottom. Before the two pieces of the former Captain could touch the ground the axe connected with a second Ork. Again an Ork was felled, as the red axe fueled by Hos anger struck into the chest this weak xeno.

It was at this point that one of the Orks proclaimed Captain Hos as The New Warboss


Killing the leader lead the reaming Orks to engaged in an argument about the legitimacy of the new Warboss. It soon led to another Ork being killed. It would seem these Orks have now pledged allegiance to Captain Hos. I would doubt this is a very strong bond, and we should be suspicious of anything these xenos do (perhaps we can use them though). It seems only to be enforced by Hos’s prowess in battle. Although it appears that we have “gained” another “ship” to the Hos dynasty.

The landing bay was then thoroughly cleansed of the xenos taint with promethium as per Captain Hos’s order, after the Orks returned to where they belong.

It is regret that I write that Trooper Han has died, he shall receive the Hossian Badge of Merit, 2nd Class for his death doing the Emperors and in the service of Lord Hos’s. It shall be given to his next of kin.

Also mention should be yet again given to Lady of the Augurs Nichols for her ongoing excellent service with detection for the Augurs.

New Warboss

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